Presidential Debate #1

The president and GOP contender Mitt Romney had their first debate Wednesday October 3rd.  I don’t know what I was expecting but Mr. Romney pretty much demolished O.  I don’t think that it’s so much Romney was that good but that the president wasn’t very good.

I don’t know if the president just wasn’t prepared or that it’s hard to defend leftist policy (which it is, because it doesn’t work, and has been proved not to work over and over again).  Plus it’s hard to spew DNC talking points, platitudes and various strawmen when you have someone there to rebut it all.

I do like Romney correcting the president on his lying about Romney’s tax plan.  The comment about being in business for 25 years and not knowing what the hell the president was talking about in regard to the tax code (subsidies to off shore-ers) was pretty good.

I like Romney’s energy plan.  He want’s Americans to get at American resources.  Approve Keystone XL.  Just the oil/gas exploration and retrieval and the pipeline would create a lot of jobs, not to mention bring the supply up and bring the price down for these products.  The “loser” line in regards to “green” spending was pretty good.

I do like the federalism argument against O-care although I don’t like R-care (but I guess that’s baked in the cake).  I also like how he pointed out that O-care was passed without any Republican support or input and then contrasted that with his plan in Massachusetts (again, still don’t like R-care, but at least it’s at the state level).

In regard to Medicare I’m glad someone is finally talking about doing something.  I think Romney’s move to a “premium support” model (vouchers) has some merit and will bring some competition back into the system.  Not doing anything, in fact putting price controls in place (as O wants), would be devastating.

As to education Romney touting local control and school choice (vouchers) is good policy.  However I don’t think the Feds should have any role in education.

I know this is just kind of a “quick hit” post on the debate and I’m sure I’m missing some points.  I wasn’t a big Romney guy but I do think he’s at least making a move in the right direction.  He’s still too “big government” for me but we aren’t going to get a straight up libertarian and it  took the lefties 100 years to get us to this point.  We have to start somewhere.


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