Vice Presidential Debate

Non-comprehensive quick hit on the vice presidential candidate debate:

Biden:  Rude, interrupting.  It seemed like he interrupted Ryan every time Ryan spoke.  Didn’t really have any substance.  Just yelling and trying to demonize Romney/Ryan without any facts.  Straight up lied about Benghazi security concerns.  I guess if you’re a Dem you might have liked his performance but I don’t think it’ll play for any undecideds (if there are any).

Raddatz:  Seemed like she was helping Biden.  She would essentially cut Ryan off and move on to another subject.  She didn’t reign in Greasy Joe when he was talking over Ryan.  I wouldn’t mind the last point so much if she took a page from Lehrer and let them BOTH engage.  Religion and abortion?  What would you bring as a man to the VP?  We have more important questions/problems than that.

Ryan:  I think he was a little timid at first.  He kept letting Biden interrupt him.  He also kept letting Raddatz cut him off and move on.  Seemed to come into his own towards the end.  Looked like he knew his stuff but wasn’t forceful enough at first.

I think Romney/Ryan have to embrace cutting defense spending rather than status quo/increases.  Don’t tell me we can’t cut something out of $1,000,000,000,000.  Plus it shows that they’re willing to actually cut spending.  Lefties can’t bitch that they only want to cut social programs, everything is on the table.

Ryan needed to hit the spending problem more.

Let’s see what happens next week at the second presidential debate.  Hopefully Mitt can keep the pressure on.


Biden voted for both the Afghan and Iraq use of force.  So, you know, lying some more.

P.S. Hillary did too.


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