Presidential Debate #2

Ugh… Do I have to write about this?  Anyway, quick hit on the Oct. 16 presidential debate.

The president wasn’t as sedated as the first debate but it’s the same old crap with him.  More government, more taxes, blah blah blah, progressive crap.  He straight up misrepresented the Arizona immigration law.  He said he wasn’t politicizing Benghazi (which has been politicized since Sept. 11, S. Cutter basically said as much [see here and here, via HotAir]) then goes on to do just that.

Speaking of Benghazi I think Romney dropped the ball a bit on that (it didn’t help the Crowley “fact checked” incorrectly).  He should have hit Obama hard on the lack of security and lying about it in the aftermath.

I do think Romney did pretty good on the economic stuff, which he usually does.

Crowley wasn’t as bad as I thought she was going to be, but still terrible.  Obama got more time again.  Incorrect “fact checking.”  Seemed like Obama got to follow up much more than Romney.

I didn’t care much for the “undecided” questioners.  Some questions were not so bad but others were ridiculous.  Like the unequal pay, war on women crap.  Then there was the “what kind of man are you” bs at the end (BTW Crowley chose all the questions in advance).

Personally I think Romney did better, especially on economics.  The flash polls were showing Obama winning overall but Romney winning on the economy, taxes, healthcare, leadership…go figure (see CNN, CBS and numbersmuncher).  I’m not sure why the numbers shake out that way.  Ace has some thoughts on “performance points” (plus more about the flash polls).


The next debate on Oct. 22 is about foreign policy.  Romney needs to do his homework and be prepared.  He has to keep on the Benghazi fiasco, I think.  Hopefully the moderator won’t run cover for Obama but I won’t hold my breath.  That just means Romney has to be at the top of his game.


Added a couple links regarding Benghazi.


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