Presidential Debate #3

The third presidential debate was tonight (Oct. 22) and was ostensibly about foreign policy.  A few quick thoughts.

Where was Benghazi?  Schieffer broached it, Obama danced around it and Romney didn’t nail him on it.  Why?

I guess Obama wasn’t that bad on a performance basis.  It was mostly the same old crap.  As Romney said:  “Attacking me is not an agenda.”  His whole “…the ’80s called…” snarky bit came off petty (and mostly wrong).  By the way, we still use bayonets and horses (see:  Afghan terrain).  Also, bin Laden, bin Laden, bin Laden!  Plus I don’t know how taxing “rich” people more and spending (wastefully) more is supposed to reduce the deficit.

Romney, I think, held his own pretty good.  He seemed versed on the issues.  I do think he should have embraced defense cuts (we can’t knock $50B/yr out of $1T/yr?).  That way he can say “we’re willing to cut spending we like (and which I might add is an actual function of the federal government) why won’t you?”  Spending is our biggest problem.

I think Bob Schieffer was OK.  I guess I can’t hate too much.

Overall I don’t think Romney’s foreign policy is going to be all that different, which is a shame.  He may have clearer vision than Obama (I don’t really know what our foreign policy is now) but there wasn’t much different going on in the debate.  Ugh…


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